ShockFlo® A6 Tesla to J1772 EV Adapter


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Safety and Max Power | The ShockFlo J1772 EVs Adapter current and voltage goes up to 80A 250V, depending on what range the current of your charging station or your car’s charging system can reach. We also designed various protective features like overcurrent and overvoltage to make vehicle charging safer. (When connecting to the Tesla Destination Chargers, please make sure that the output current is less than 80A.)

Compatible For ALL J1772 EVS | Tesla to J1772 Charger Adapter for all J1772 EVs and PHEVs For all Tesla Connectors (except Tesla supercharger), Tesla high power wall connector, Tesla destination charger, and Tesla mobile connector.  

IP55 Waterproof | This J1772 adapter is designed for IP55 waterproof protection that can be used in extreme environments (-22℉ to 131℉). Make sure to keep the adapter interface dry.

Portable & Compact  | This adapter can be stored anywhere, is lightweight and compact, easy to carry and use on your journey, camping, outdoors, vacations, road trips essential accessories. Designed for weight reduction making your charging experience more convenient.

Accessories List & Warranty | 1*Tesla to J1772 Adapter, 1*User Manual. We provide a one-year warranty. 

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